Ainu women for the safeguard of Ainu food culture Japan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Tahara Ryohko

This community will be active for the purpose of transmitting and developing the indigenous Ainu culture of Japan and the wisdom of the indigenous people. To create a place for learning and communication that inherits the Ainu traditional culture. Regularly conduct mutual exchanges with indigenous peoples around the world, share the sense of nature and environmental issues, and promote solidarity. Through these activities, we will develop businesses and activities for the independence of Ainu women. Hokkaido

Discover Ryukyu Dynasty Cuisine, Craft and Performing Arts Japan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: 田里 宗章

To form a gastronomic academy related to the food of Ryukyu, which has its own culture and history and to promote the food culture of Ryukyu. To enjoy learning about traditional foods and seasoning methods from chefs, food researchers and producers, and enjoy eating them To learn and enjoy the culture derived from food (lacquerware, pottery, awamori, entertainment, etc.) To connect these cultures to the next generation in a variety of ways. Okinawa

Farmers Preserving the Landscape and Traditional Vegetables of Miyazaki Japan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Ogawa Hiromi

(1) To protect the environment and landscape and promote activities for conservation of biodiversity. (2) To contribute to the preservation of and spread of traditional vegetables that have nurtured by the climate and ecosystem of Miyazaki and are linked to its unique food culture, and raise consumer awareness of the risk of disappearance of traditional vegetables. Kobayashi

Naito Togarashi Japan Info

Type: Communities

Convivium leader / spoke person: Shigeyuki Narita

In Shinjuku, one of 23 wards in Tokyo, we encourage the residents to grow and to harvest Naito Togarashi to recognize the importance of local vegetable through spreading the hot pepper seedlings. We will also co-work with Espellet, France, world famous hot pepper village, by exchanging each local hot peppers.